About Bixby
We are experts in industrial, office and R&D properties
Company Overview
Bixby Land Company pioneers exceptional value with innovative thinking, disciplined action and performance. We acquire, redevelop and operate industrial, logistic, office, and R&D properties in select Tier I and Tier II U.S. markets.

As a privately held REIT with over $2.1 billion in Assets Under Management, Bixby utilizes a vertically integrated, full-service operating and investment platform to identify and execute on investment opportunities spanning core to opportunistic risk profiles.
The Bixby executive team is recognized for their skills, expertise and accomplishments in real estate. Driven by results, backed by experience and mindful of the company’s heritage, our team, board of directors and shareholders are committed to building value in all assets and for the investors we serve.
A Rich History
From land acquisition, ranching and agricultural pursuits in the 1800s to land development, vertical construction, inventive redevelopment and investment management, Bixby Land Company continues to build upon its legacy of value creation.
Bixby Land Company’s environmental initiative ensures that developments have increased operating efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and minimize the environmental footprint in waste, water and procurement. We collaborate with vendors, service providers and customers to ensure that all sustainable design practices are financially reasonable and create economic value.
The white thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roof coatings, ‘Cool Roofs’, are more energy efficient than traditional EPDM rubber roofs. These roof coatings prolong the life of the original roof structure and reduce landfill waste created by the lifecycle of traditional roofing.
Open-outdoor floor plans have been designed to elevate the experience of both customers and visitors. The fresh air contributes to the health and satisfaction of those within the building as opposed to those dwelling within a strictly closed building. Because of the innovative ventilation system, buildings in certain climates can go throughout the day with no energy load.
All lighting and HVAC retrofits create future energy savings and improve ROI while protecting the environment by reducing the consumption of energy. Motion sensors, dimmers, natural daylight, and long-lasting LED lamps also play a part in reducing energy consumption, and the company also adheres to the guidelines for the disposal of replaced materials.
Drought tolerant and low water plants are the standard at every Bixby property. Irrigation systems that sense saturated soils and weather conditions are also installed to reduce the use of unnecessary water usage. The properties also utilize reclaimed water for exterior landscaping whenever feasible.
Electric vehicle charging stations have been installed at select locations to support clean electricity and other alternative fuel and transportation options. Bicycle storage units are also available at Bixby properties to encourage green transportation.
Many vendors have established a “Green Cleaning” requirement, which includes using green cleaning product and restroom supply products made from recycled materials therefore, Bixby properties adhere to these requirements.
Bixby regularly schedules electronic waste pick-up and disposal programs. Recycling programs have also been implemented to reduce landfill waste and limit the use of natural resources.
Our culture is our foundation and it's reflected in everything we do. We are known for being capable and executing with integrity. We strive for open and consistent communication with both internal and external stakeholders. We expect our employees to be self-starters and solutions generators, while providing growth and advancement opportunities for all. We are passionate about our industry and approach our business with a competitive and fun disposition.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity
At Bixby Land Company, our commitment to pioneering exceptional value requires us to evolve constantly, think differently and lead with integrity. For over 100 years, we’ve relied on our people to make a positive impact on our organization, our industry and the communities in which we invest, work and live. We are committed to treating each other with respect, providing all individuals equal opportunities and encouraging our employees to share their perspectives. We value each individual’s personal history and celebrate those differences. Bixby Land Company is committed to being a catalyst of change, promoting diversity and fostering inclusion to build a lasting legacy.

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Bixby Land Company acquires and operates commercial real estate throughout the United States where we focus on delivering superior risk adjusted returns to our investors. Execution, discipline and integrity are the core values that define our team and determine our success.
To be the most admired real estate company in the markets we serve.
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Execution
The combination of business ethics, financial and accounting transparency, data security, risk management, competitive behavior and elimination of conflicts of interest all encompass the internal and external factors of the company’s corporate governance. These rules and processes positively impact the interests of not only the shareholders and management of the company, but all stakeholders.
Six Member Board of Directors
Bixby Land Company’s Board of Directors consists of six independent directors with diverse backgrounds and professional experience that are all elected annually. The Board is committed to maintaining an optimal balance of different perspectives, skills and tenures to provide an even balance of experience, institutional knowledge, best practices and fresh perspectives.
Annual and Quarterly Risk Management Reviews
Bixby Land Company conducts annual and quarterly risk management reviews to identify areas of required focus in order to prepare and plan as needed to mitigate adverse impacts on achieving the company’s objectives.
Employee Standard of Conduct and Ethics Policy
Bixby Land Company’s Standard of Conduct and Ethics establish and maintain the company’s core values, guiding our team to adhere to our commitments, displaying honesty and integrity while reaching the company’s goals. Equally as important, these standards of conduct and ethics create an environment where everyone is treated equally with dignity and respect creating a safe and healthy workplace.
Cyber/Data Security Audit
Bixby Land Company follows the NIST Cybersecurity Framework with adaptive security controls and policies to help identify, prevent, detect, and respond to security incidents. Our security policies cover a wide array of security related topics ranging from general standards with which every employee must comply, such as account, data, and physical security, to more specialized security standards covering internal applications and information systems. Additionally, all employees are routinely educated on cybersecurity and their knowledge is evaluated on a recurring basis.
Annual Financial & Accounting Audit
Bixby Land Company conducts an annual financial and accounting audit in order to assess and provide credibility to the preparation of the financial statements as well as the financial position and performance of the company.
Whistleblower Policy
Bixby Land Company’s Whistleblower Policy protects any employee from retaliation when coming forward to pass on credible information concerning wrongdoing, illegal practices or violation of adopted policies of the organization.
Annual Third-Party Enterprise Valuation
A third-party resource assesses and provides the enterprise value of Bixby Land Company on an annual basis.